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About Act the Facts

What Teachers Say

I was a secondary school History teacher for 22 years and used scripted drama with all my classes; it transformed engagement, understanding and exam performance. Other teachers, both primary and secondary are finding the same; for more detailed information, click on the Information tab and go to the Articles section for: ‘The best way for students to remember history is to experience it’, by Helen Snelson, Ruth Lingard and Kate Brennan published in Teaching History, September 2012, or Helen Darlington’s: ‘Teaching secondary school science through drama’ in School Science Review, June 2010.

How it all started

After 22 years teaching in comprehensive schools in Cambridgeshire and East Yorkshire, Kate now works full time for Act the Facts. Her main subject is History with some English, French and PSHE experience. Kate has used drama to teach course content at Key Stage 3 but went on to use factually accurate scripted drama as a revision technique at History A Level, an intervention which helped to develop students’ source work skills. Kate taught some GCSE History topics and revised others using this active learning technique; she has studied its impact on student motivation and learning as part of her M.A. at Hull University. She is the first point of contact for anyone wishing to commission or customise a script, contact her at: kate@actthefacts.com.

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Rewriting History - Laura Greendale for The Journal

Laura Greendale interviews Act the Facts founder Kate Brennan in an article for The Journal. The article was published in the May 2011 edition of the glossy magazine and is the first formal press article Kate has done. The article examines Kate's influences and motivations for setting up Act the Facts as well as an in depth personal profile.

"Sut Up and Sh*t Down" - TES Magazine

Act the Facts founder Kate Brennan is inteviewed for the Times Educational Supplement (TES) Magazine. During this interview, Kate discusses her influences, her career highs and lows, the best advice she was given and, the one piece of information that everyone has been desperate to find out; what car Kate drives.

View the rest of Act the Facts' articles here:

Teaching Secondary School Science through Drama - Helen Darlington

There is substantial evidence that teaching science through creative methods increases pupils’ motivation and their enjoyment of science. This has been found to be particularly true for those pupils who are not always self-motivated and who find learning easier when less formal techniques are used. Drama is an excellent method of bringing creativity into the classroom. The activities mentioned here, ranging from large ongoing projects to smaller five-minute mimes, can easily be adapted for the delivery of a variety of science topics to a wide range of pupils.

SHP Conference 2011

Whose idea was it to run a workshop at the Schools History Project Conference in July this year? I blame Helen Snelson, Head of History at The Mount School in York, whose infectious enthusiasm has embroiled me in some heart-stopping situations over the years. This was one such situation that lead to a major endorsement for Act the Facts.

Teaching History

Act the facts had a major article about them published in the September 2012 edition of Teaching History Magazine.

Hold the Front Page! Katie Knass - Hull Daily Mail

HEADLINES and deadlines were the order of the day for pupils as they became cub reporters for the Hull Daily Mail. More than 200 youngsters from 18 primary schools were at the University of Hull as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week. Act the Facts supplied the scripts. Read the Hull Daily Mail article here.

Year 10 Warm to the Cold War - Hull Collegiate School

Politicians, Presidents and Communist Dictators descended upon Year 10 to bring the Cold War to life. Acting out the period around 1945, the carve-up of Eastern Europe and the increasingly hostile relations between the East and the West, Year 10 pupils tackled a complicated period of history with the aid of Act the Facts, an education script writing company based in North Ferriby.

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Welcome to Kate's Video and Twitter Feed.

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